In this blog I will be discussing my findings relating to many of the Microsoft Technologies.

This will relate to products including;

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft TMG
  • Microsoft UAG
  • Microsoft RDS

Other posts relating to technology hardware will also be entered here including reviews and opinions.

I will endeavour to publish at least one blog post per week (let’s see how fast I need to delete this statement!)

Feel free to enter relevant comments and feedback.

One Thought on “About

  1. Kevin, I saw your article about CDR on the CS1000, which I am capturing and will now, thanks to your guide, try to get into a database.

    Also in that article you mentioned freeMWI. Unfortunately the domain for drkernal.net is now dead. Do you still have the original files/source that you got? And does it sill work for you? I support over 1,100 phones on my CS1000 and so it isn’t going away soon. But I am interested in gettng off CallPilot, but would like MWI to work. It would be nice to find somebody that still has those MWI files and the author’s contact information if yo have it.

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