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DPM – Upgrading System Centre DPM 2012 to 2012 R2

System Center DPM 2012

Because we planned to implement a new Hyper-V Cluster using Windows Server 2012R2 we had to move to SCVMM 2012 R2 but in order to do this one of the steps we needed to complete was Upgrading System Centre DPM 2012 to 2012 R2.

I have detailed the steps I took below, there may be some differences for your specific configuration but you will get a good idea.

Firstly, there is a list of SCDPM build numbers here;

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Office 365 and Exchange 2007 Mail Flow Issue for Sub Domain

Office 365 logo

Office 365 logo

I have recently had an Office 365 and Exchange 2007 Mail Flow Issue for Sub Domain. We have our primary users on [email protected] and have setup Office 365 to process mail for [email protected] .

The setup for Office 365 went extremely smoothly (with a lot of help from a friend – you know who you are J.P.) and I have integrated Office 365 with our on-premise Active Directory using ADFS and Synchronization Service Manager for Single Sign On.

However when a user,  [email protected] tried to send an email to [email protected] using the on-premise Exchange 2007 the mail was not delivered.

User [email protected] could send email to [email protected] without any problems, but again a reply from [email protected] was not delivered.

I investigated further on the Exchange 2007 Server and found that in Queue viewer there was an Unreachable Domain queue with emails which could not be delivered. Continue Reading

System Center DPM 2012, Exchange Server 2010 and Eseutil.exe

System Center 2012 - Eseutil

System Center 2012

I recently had an issue where System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 was constantly reporting Replica Inconsistent on my Exchange Server 2010 Protection Group for the relevant Storage Groups, upon investigation I was pointed towards Eseutil as being a possible cause.
Basically if there is a mismatch between the versions of Eseutil on the Exchange Server and on the DPM Server then the replicas will appear to be inconsistent.

This can occur if you install a Service Pack on Exchange.

So the solution is to copy the version of Eseutil.exe and ese.dll from your Exchange Server to your DPM Server;

<Exchange Install Path>\bin\eseutil.exe to <DPM Install Path>\bin\eseutil.exe

<Exchange Install Path>\bin\ese.dll to <DPM Install Path>\bin\ese.dll

This should then solve the Replica Inconsistent problem, after a Consistency Check.

Full details and further information can be found on the following


Windows XP Error – “Windows cannot display Windows Firewall settings”

I still support some Windows XP clients and when these clients have been visiting certain sites that they maybe shouldn’t have I get the following Windows XP Error – “Windows cannot display Windows Firewall settings” as shown below;


Windows XP Error

Windows XP Error

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System Center VMM 2012 Admin Console Crashes Every Hour

I recently came across a strange situation where the System Center VMM 2012 Admin Console crashes every hour.

There were 2 Errors displayed in the VM Manager Event Log;

Error : 19999

Error : 1

I carried out all possible configuration checks on the Hyper-V hosts and the VMM Server;

I checked the SPN settings using Setspn.

I updated the Nic Drivers and the Broadcom Software

I checked and changed how the SQL and VMM Manager and Agent Services log on.

I reassociated the Hyper-V hosts

I validated the Failover Cluster

I re-installed SCVMM 2012 (several times)

I removed all links between SCVMM 2012 and SCOM 2012

It was only after I had re-installed SCVMM 2012 for the umpteenth time that I tried to refresh the Library and this was when I saw the errors occur! Continue Reading

Installing Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012

I have had a huge amount of fun installing Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012 (he says sarcastically!).

I will just say one thing – SQL Server Collation!

I actually carried out the complete install only to find Reporting failed to install.

I went back and re-installed the SQL server with the correct collation;


The details can be found on the following page;

Supported Configurations for System Center 2012 – Operations Manager


Another pre-requisite you will need for both the full install and later when you come to install the Operations Console is;

Microsoft Report Viewer 2010 Redistributable Package


Another interesting page is the deployment guide here;

Deployment Guide for System Center 2012 – Operations Manager


This also has a walkthru install (but without the pretty picture).

Any other pre-requisites which fail upon install are pretty self-explanatory and can be easily fixed and then re-check the pre-requisites.

And so on to the install……. Continue Reading

Updating System Center VMM 2008 R2 to System Center VMM 2012

I though I would do a quick blog to recount my adventures with “Updating System Center VMM 2008 R2 to System Center VMM 2012”.

The big problem I had here is that our existing System Center VMM 2008 R2 was running on SQL Server 2005 Express.

Here are the links for – System Requirements for System Center 2012 – Virtual Machine Manager


Most particularly – System Requirements: VMM Database


One of the other Pre-requisites is to update WAIK –

The Windows® Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows® 7


So – on to the install; Continue Reading

Error 1719. Windows Installer Service could not be accessed – error message when installing application

We had an issue with a Windows 2008R2 64Bit Server recently where we could not install Windows Updates or any other applications, we got the following error message in any relevant logs -“Windows Installer Service could not be accessed” error message when installing applications.

Looking at the Event Viewer Application logs showed the following error messages;

Event ID : 11719 – Error 1719

Event ID : 1023

This all pointed to the Windows Installer Service

I had a look around for other advice from people with the same issue and found some interesting steps to try.

I carried out a sfc /scannow

I de-registered and re-registered MSIEXEC;

%windir%\system32\msiexec.exe /unregister


%windir%\syswow64\msiexec.exe /unregister

I even changed



C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\msiexec.exe /V

But still could not install.

I then thought I would try some more Registry tweaks and here is the disclaimer;

I take no responsibility for any damage caused by following any instructions in this blog post!

I exported the


Reg key.

I also exported the same Reg Key from another (fully functional) Windows 2008 R2 64Bit Server, copied the reg file over and imported (double-clicked) it!

What do you know – Bob’s your uncle – it started working!

The main difference between the reg files was in the “RequiredPrivileges” key, I am not sure if this is the actual solution but I now have a working server again.

Hope this helps someone!


System Center DPM 2012 Problem – DPM AccessManager Service

Following on from my previous blog post;


During the process of making all my replicas consistent something went wrong.

I don’t know as of yet what caused the issue but will investigate further later.

Basically the DPM Administrator Console suddenly shutdown and would not start back up, claiming the DPM Service was not running.

I checked my services and it was actually running however the DPM AccessManager service was stopped.

I checked the Windows System Logs in Event Viewer and found multiple instances of the following error;

Event ID:      7034

Description: The DPM AccessManager Service service terminated unexpectedly.  It has done this 7 time(s).

I searched around but could find no-one with a similar problem or more importantly a solution, I did stumble across a post on the Microsoft Website;


Which mentioned the DpmSync command;

“DpmSync is a command-line tool that enables you to synchronize the DPM database with the state of the disks in the storage pool and with the installed protection agents. The DpmSync tool restores the DPM database, synchronizes the DPM database with the replicas in the storage pool, restores the Report database, and reallocates missing replicas. “

Using the DPM Management Shell, I ran the command;

dpmsync -sync



I then re-tried the DPM Administrator Console and all was good in the world again.

As I said I do not know what cause this problem but this procedure repaired the problem and I have had no issues since.


Upgrading System Center DPM 2010 to System Center DPM 2012

Here are the steps I took in upgrading System Center DPM 2010 to System Center DPM 2012.

I have tried to keep it as simple as possible with nice pictures to make the process easy to follow.

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