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Adding a Driver to a Netboot Image

At our organisation we use Ghost to image our workstations.
This is done in conjunction with PXE Boot.
From time to time a hardware manufacturer will incorporate a new network card.
This can cause problems with PXE Booting!

Quick Overview of PXE Boot in Windows Environment;
(further info here http://netbootdisk.com/pxeboot.htm )
  Setup TFTP Server on DHCP Server
  Add Scope options to DHCP
    066 Boot Server Host Name – TFTP Server Name
    067 Bootfile Name – pxelinux.0

Get Netboot Files from http://netbootdisk.com/.
Get Winimage from http://www.winimage.com/download.htm
Get WinUHA from http://www.klaimsoft.com/winuha/
Download latest NDIS drivers for your network card

Our boot image file is test.imz

Open test.imz with winimage

Right click extract NetBootfiles.uha

Open files.uha with WinUHA and extract

Replace the relevant ndis driver file with the latest version (in our case Broadcom Driver B57.dos)

Re-archive files.uha with WinUHA (make sure files are compressed into correct directory structure)

Now back in Winimage select Image, Inject and re-inject the files.uha into the NetBoot folder.

Save the image file


All Done!

Nicey Cake!