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Nortel WSS 2382 CSR Creation & SSL Installation Instructions

Connecting to the Nortel WSS 2382 

You will first need to connect to your Nortel WSS 2382 (WSS).

Nortel WSS 2382

Nortel WSS 2382

I used putty for this task to connect to the Management IP of the WSS
Once logged in, you must use the


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CS1000 Capturing CDR data

At our site we have a Nortel CS1000 handling all our telephony. We were looking into a solution for calculating call costs for billing purposes.

3rd Party solutions are expensive.

So I decided to look at an in-house solution.

The first issue was how to capture the data.

We have a dedicated PC which runs our TM software (and also does our FreeWMI – see previous blogs!).

Connecting this pc’s serial port to the 25 pin connector at the back of the CS1k (Com RS232 port) labelled port 2 should capture CDR data.

This will pump out raw CDR data at 9600 7/N/1 (Note the 7 Data Bits!)

To capture this data on the PC I used PuTTY (Serial Port Version).

Available here

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