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Exchange 2007 and Nortel CS1K Message Waiting Indicator – The Cheap Way

Geomant MWI Software would have cost around £2000

Looked for an alternative and came across Freemwi

The Developer Justin was a great help.

Below is the communication we had…….


Sorry for the delay in response. Don’t know if you have figured it out yet, but it will be hard to help you with out more information.

My initial guess is that you are using the email address instead of the UPN. e.g. the users UPN is [email protected], but email is [email protected]

If you can send me a copy of the user CSV, screen shots of the General, and Account tabs, in Active Directory Users and Computers, what your impersonation account user is and the print out of this command: “Get-MailboxPermission -Identity [email protected] fl” I will be in a better position to help you.

One other trouble shooting tip, in a browser you should be able to go to the OWA site and impersonate the user:[email protected]

then login with you MWI user: e.g. [email protected], it should open his mailbox.

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Using Exchange Server 2007 UM for Express Messaging

If you are familiar with Nortel Telephony systems you may have used something called Express Messaging.

This feature allows you to dial a pre-defined number (from any phone) and type in a persons extension number to acces and leave them a voicemail message.

This feature was widely used at the organisation I work for.

We now have a new telephony system installed based on a Nortel CS1k connecting to Exchange 2007 for Voicemail using Unified Messaging.

There did not seem to be any way to replicate the Express Messaging feature on the CS1K so I looked into doing something using Exchange.

The obvious candidate was using an Auto Attendant

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Adding Language Packs to Exchange 2007 UM

Okay so I got UM working on Exchange 2007 for our new Nortel CS1K system.
Set up some Voicemail.
Set up an Auto Attendant.
Got really tired of hearing an American Accent saying “Press The Pound Key” (It’s a Hash Key!)

So looked into how to add Language packs.

MS Technet was quite helpful on this and had a lot of info but was not too good on specifics.

Used a fellow bloggers post here to clear up some of the syntax

Googled umlang-en-GB.msi to find the MS download page for the relevant Language Pack.

Downloaded it – copied it to the Exchange Box in “D:UM”. (no pun intended!)

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