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OK here we go again….

Microsoft in their wisdom thought it would be a good idea to disable a feature that most people would find very useful!

In trying to set up a site wide auto attendant I went through the relevant steps to add custom greeting and menu prompts to an auto attendant.

Got a decent Microphone.
Found a quiet room.
Got a staff well spoken member.
Recorded Greetings and Menu Prompts
Saved them as the appropriate type of WAV file (PCM 8kHz 16Bit mono)
Uploaded them via Exchange Management Console
Checked them on the phone system (Nortel (Avaya?) CS1000)
Sounded dreadful – hissing and cracking and quiet!
Not suitable at all!

So I then trawled the Microsoft Technet and the rest of the whole Internet and came across this command;

set-umdialplan -id -TUIPromptEditingEnabled $true

The relevant term is Telephone User Interface Prompt Editing……

And guess what, you can now record Auto Attendant prompts through a telephone handset!

Clear and crisp and the correct volume!

Wait for the voice prompts to start and press #*
supply the UM number of an admin level user (must be in Exchange Org Admin Group) and off you go recording prompts to your heart’s content!

Here is a link to the page where I found the relevant information;

And a Technet Article…

Many Thanks Microsoft!

3 Thoughts on “Auto Attendant Greeting / Menu Prompts

  1. Excellent tip! Thanks very much!

  2. Having an auto-attendant will help callers navigate into a business phone system.With the hospitable ambiance offered by the service, it can generate high response rate from callers and in return increase the chance of generating additonal sales.

  3. Professionally recorded greeting creates a good and lasting impression from callers.

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