Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) on HTC Radar – Part 2

In November last year I posted a review of Windows Phone 7.5 on my new HTC Radar….Previous Blog Post

I have now been using it for a few months and have to say….



It has never, and I mean never run out of battery!

This was a regular occurrence for me on all of my previous phones!

This is thanks to the WP7.5 Battery Saver, this closes down services and applications which use battery whenever your charge level drops below 20%. This then enables the phone to last much longer. You can also manually check for e-mail or updates while in battery saver mode.

It has never crashed!

There are claims out there that Windows Phone 7.5 is the most stable smartphone OS.

In my experience this is certainly true.

It just works!

It is extremely usable and the apps that are available (past the 50,000 mark in the Marketplace) are in general good.

The interface is very intuitive and slick to navigate. The “Live Tiles” are really handy for getting a quick overview, you can see at a glance how many emails, calls, messages or other updates you have.

The aggregation of social network feeds and email inboxes gives you all your information in one place.

Installed apps are dispayed nicely in a menu page. Once you reach 43 installed apps (why 43?) you get a nice alphabetic jumplist to quickly find your apps.

It is connected!

Full Exchange connectivity for email, contacts and calendar.

Windows Live account is used for Skydrive and Windows Live Mail, also connects to the XBOX Live.

Automatically upload camara pictures and sync your Office documents with Skydrive.

You can set up your device to wirelessly sync with Zune to transfer Music, Videos and Pictures.


All in all I must say I am very impressed with the overall Windows Phone experience despite my initial reservations it has lived up to expectations.

I think that the handset manufacturers and Microsoft themselves now need to fire up the marketing machine and make this a more popular smartphone platform.

There is no doubt that the apps will come. Especially if the reports that Windows Phone app developers can make more money than other platform developers.

Please feel free to add any comments from your experiences.


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