Quickly Create Batch Files in Windows Server 2008R2 Core

I needed to quickly create batch files in Windows Server 2008R2 Core in order to carry out admin tasks on the server.

For instance to create a batch file to launch the Iscsi control panel type;

“echo start iscsicpl.exe >iscsi.bat”

The “echo” command echoes whatever follows it to the screen usually, however because we have the pipe “>” command it will be sent to the file “iscsi.bat”

this means that in future you can then simply type “iscsi” and you will have the iscsi contol panel launched.

This is particularly handy for programs such as the Broadcom Advanced Control Suite which is located in “c:\program files\broadcom\bacs\bacs.exe”

This takes me back to the good old DOS prompt days!

Hope this helps some of you!


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